Trout in the Classroom

2016 Next Practices Grant

Cara Gilligan 

Trout in the Classroom

2016 Next Practices Grant

Kristen Miller

2015 Meeting Sensory Needs Within the Classroom

2015 Next Practices Grant

Kerri Pizzi

2015 Robots Got Talent

2015 Next Practices Grant

Duncan Crannell, Robert Finning and Sandra Kessell

2014 Truly Differentiating the Physical Education Classroom

2014 Next Practices Grant

Nick Albanito and Stephen Cullis

2013 From the Ground Up

2013 Next Practices Grant

Laurie Terranova and Linda Wagner

Grant Opportunities


Next Practices Grant


The Next Practices Grant Program (NPG) provides opportunities for staff members to be innovators by launching new ideas and strategies for teaching and learning.  


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About the Program

The Randolph Education Foundation (REF) is providing grant money to support pilot programs that:

 ·         foster innovation;

 ·         promote a growth mindset;

 ·         focus on self-awareness;

 ·         create a student-centered learning environment;

 ·         encourage critical thinking; and/or

 ·         educate the whole child.

While “best practices” have been used for decades in education, the REF seeks to fund “next practices” – fresh ideas in education that aim to teach and learn in non-traditional, innovative ways.

Since its inception, the Next Practices Grant Program has supported: new sensory equipment for the district’s kindergarten Language and Learning Disabled (LLD) classroom; Little Bits, Robots for All, SmartBoard Software, the Seven Habits of Happy Kids program, and the Summer S.T.E.A.M. (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) pilot program in the elementary schools; Trout in the Classroom, and the Protocycler and STEM Building in the middle school; the expansion of the SmartMusic program at the middle and high schools; and several high school innovation programs  such as From the Ground Up Greenhouse, Differentiating Physical Education through Technology, and Robots Got Talent. 

About the Grant

Up to $10,000 is being offered by the REF for grant proposals from Randolph Township School District staff members.  These funds may support a single grant or multiple grants, depending upon the proposals received. 

Grant proposals should focus on fostering innovation, promoting a growth mindset, focusing on self-awareness, creating a student-centered learning environment, encouraging critical thinking and educating the whole child.

Grant awards may be used for any combination of materials, training, speakers, substitute teachers, technology, etc.  Funds cannot be used to purchase regular curriculum materials that are traditionally purchased through the school budgeting process.

Funding from the REF is available for one year.  If sustainable funding is required, you may work with your Principal or supervisor to make a recommendation to the Randolph Board of Education and/or seek funding from additional sources.

Evaluation Process

Proposals will undergo a blind evaluation by a committee of Randolph community members based on the following criteria:

 ·         has a clear purpose/goal for the project;

 ·         addresses one of the following areas:

             foster innovation;

       promote a growth mindset;

        focus on self-awareness;

           create a student-centered learning environment;

           encourage critical thinking; and/or

           educate the whole child

  ·         includes intended student outcomes;

 ·         explains how the program will be implemented, including program/project timeline;

 ·         has a clearly defined budget;

·         includes an evaluation process;

·         has a plan for sustainable funding;

·         includes plan to fulfill  the REF’s reporting requirements.

Award Announcement

Grant awards will be announced by April 2018. The REF will disburse the funds to the Randolph Township School District to purchase approved materials and services as stipulated in the grant proposal. Grant winners and their supervisors will be instructed to contact the District Business Office for details pertaining to the disbursement of grant funds.




 If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Clark at or 973-727-4818.




Applications are due Friday, February 16, 2018



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